TPXO global tide models are available for academic research, and other non-commercial uses.
To register and get access to download TPXO model files, please send us a request including name, institution, and your intended application/use.
TPXO/OTPS can be licensed for commercial use at modest cost - please contact us on details.

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A large fraction of the variance in many oceanographic variables is due to tides.   As a result, for many practical applications in the marine environment accurate maps of tidal currents or elevations are often indispensable. Knowledge of tides is of value in many scientific studies as well.

Our global and local models of barotropic tide provide elevations (relative to mean sea level) and transports/currents. They are available for free download - use menu on left to navigate the page.

Check out our new TPXO Web Service to get tide predictions at any location.

To refer to our models/software in your publications please use the citation:

Egbert, Gary D., and Svetlana Y. Erofeeva. "Efficient inverse modeling of barotropic ocean tides." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 19.2 (2002): 183-204.

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TPXO9 movie frames were obtained using m_map

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