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OTPS/OTPSnc accomplish 2 tasks:

- extracting harmonic constants from a barotropic tidal solutions
(elevations, transports or currents) in OTIS format (netcdf format) at given locations;
- predicting tides  at given times and locations.

Predictions are based on global and/or regional barotropic inverse tidal solutions obtained with OTIS and available for download from the menu on the left. Tidal elevations and transports are given as complex amplitudes, so that the partial tide
at time "t" for a single constituent of frequency "w" is given by  the formula:

h(t,x) = pu(t,x)*Re [ h(x) exp { i [w (t - t0) + V0(t0)+ph(t,x)] } ]

where V0(t0) is the astronomical argument for the constituent at time t0, pu(t,x) and ph(t,x) are nodal corrections.
  Note, that with the usual conventions, amplitude and phase are given by:
amplitude = | h |;    phase = atan (-Im(h)/Re(h)) .

If geocentric tide needs to be predicted (which is appropriate for comparison to or
correction of altimetry data) then ocean loading correction is also applied in OTPS. README file, explaining how to setup OTPS, is enclosed with OTPS/OTPSnc distribution.

Latest version of OTPS (OTPS2) capable of reading TPXO8-atlas-compact format is also available. It is functionally the same as OTPS and also works for any other model from this site.

There also exist a MATLAB toolbox, created in cooperation with  Laurie Padman (ESR), called Tidal Model Driver (TMD), functionally the same as OTPS. The TMD toolbox also includes a friendly graphical user interface. Use menu on the left to download TMD and/or Antarctic Tidal Models.

Research presented here was funded by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
© Copyright 2010 Egbert&Erofeeva, COAS,  OSU Disclaimer